Our customised programme is designed and developed with industry needs in mind, transitioning skilled honours degree graduates into competent cGMP focused quality control analysts. Our Analysts possess extensive practical QC analytical skills, a detail-oriented approach, in addition to excellent theoretical and practical troubleshooting. 

As part of our programme selection criteria all our Analysts must hold a minimum Hons. Degree in Science or a related discipline in advance of commencing our specialist training programme.

Our Analysts are key members of the Innopharma Technical Services Team and are permanent employees of the Innopharma Group.

Innopharma Technical Services — Your Resource Partner for Quality Control Laboratory Analysts

Our Quality Control Laboratory Analysts are Skilled in:

  • Sample Management Lifecycle
  • Sample and Standard Preparation
  • Hands on Analytical Testing Including:

    - HPLC Analysis (utilizing Waters Alliance E2696 Technology)
    - Empower HPLC Software
    - Dissolution Testing
    - Assay/Content Uniformity Analysis
  • Data Integrity Understanding
  • Monograph Use
  • Calculations From First Principles
  • Data Analysis & Trending
  • cGMP Documentation Practices and Record Retention
  • Troubleshooting
 Control Laboratory Analysts